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Rabobank and BCG2 grow together

press release

After an extensive competitive review, Rabobank New Zealand has announced the appointment of New Zealand-owned BCG2 as its new creative and media agency.

Brett Morris, Head of Marketing for Rabobank New Zealand, commented, “As New Zealand’s only specialist food and agri bank, we have a single focus on supporting Kiwi farmers, growers and food producers. We take a long-term view of the food and agri sector and work alongside our clients, supporting them to achieve their business goals and help them understand significant issues such as climate change, water regulations and any other challenges they might face.”

“We feel BCG2 have a similar long-term ethos. They get the rural sector and the broader context of why it is so vital for all of New Zealand, and most importantly, they understand us. They also have extensive experience working with organisations across New Zealand’s financial services industry and we believe they are the ideal agency to help us further build our brand in the New Zealand market.”

Managing Director of BCG2, Michael Jarvis, commented: “One of Rabobank’s distinguishing features is its cooperative roots, built on collaboration, shared responsibility, and a focus on long-term relationships. These are the same values that we strive for at BCG2. We are highly motivated to help Rabobank support Kiwi farmers and growers and finance future growth in New Zealand.”

ECD and Chair James Blackwood shared his enthusiasm, stating, “This is a fantastic collaboration for BCG2. We have a track record of genuine success in the rural sector, fuelled by our profound appreciation for the New Zealand rural way of life and the invaluable contributions these communities make to the entire nation. Despite their numerous challenges, the rural community stands as a beacon of resilience and adaptability and is a constant source of inspiration.”

Rabobank New Zealand is a subsidiary of the global financial institution Rabobank Group, based in the Netherlands. It entered the New Zealand market in 1994 and is now one of the leading lenders to the country’s food and agribusiness sector. The bank also offers savings and term deposit products through its Rabobank Online Savings channel to both urban and rural New Zealanders. One hundred per cent of deposits with Rabobank Online Savings help fund New Zealand agribusiness. As well as provision of financial services, the bank actively engages with the rural community through knowledge-sharing initiatives, market insights, and educational programmes.

  • Rabobank New Zealand is a subsidiary of the global financial institution Rabobank Group, based in the Netherlands. Rabobank is known for its focus on agricultural banking and cooperative structure.

  • BCG2 is a 100% locally-owned communications, design, digital and media agency.